Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday morn

There is something peaceful about Sunday mornings for me. The newspaper with a fresh cup of coffee - my dog Frank laying across the back cushion of the couch and snoring in my ear - and watching my recording of "House Wifes of New Jersey". What a great way to start my day! One of those crazy things that you love to do but you aren't sure if you want anyone to know that you do it -for me it is the House Wifes shows. I admit, I like the New Jersey girls and some of the New York gals - but that is it. They have some really crazy girls with crazy lives. Reminds me of how boring and pathetic I wish to remain! Now if someone would like to video tape me and my peeps spending a day around a friends dining room table, sewing machines roaring, diet coke being slurpped, laughter and reckless behavior - come on over. I am sure we could sell it to the DIY network and quilters-crafters everywhere would envy us!!!!! Now that is reality TV.

So for today, I am heading outside to dead head a few flowers and to clean the patio doors, then head downstairs to try to make a path into my sewing room. I have got to have a bit more order in my life - there are too many things out of my control and it makes me useless. Must be productive! later, Kaye

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Roger Pulsipher said...

So sorry to hear you have closed your fabulous little shop! I would like to get in touch with you about possibly teaching a very simple night class at BATC. Please email me your contact information so we could talk!