Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday morn

There is something peaceful about Sunday mornings for me. The newspaper with a fresh cup of coffee - my dog Frank laying across the back cushion of the couch and snoring in my ear - and watching my recording of "House Wifes of New Jersey". What a great way to start my day! One of those crazy things that you love to do but you aren't sure if you want anyone to know that you do it -for me it is the House Wifes shows. I admit, I like the New Jersey girls and some of the New York gals - but that is it. They have some really crazy girls with crazy lives. Reminds me of how boring and pathetic I wish to remain! Now if someone would like to video tape me and my peeps spending a day around a friends dining room table, sewing machines roaring, diet coke being slurpped, laughter and reckless behavior - come on over. I am sure we could sell it to the DIY network and quilters-crafters everywhere would envy us!!!!! Now that is reality TV.

So for today, I am heading outside to dead head a few flowers and to clean the patio doors, then head downstairs to try to make a path into my sewing room. I have got to have a bit more order in my life - there are too many things out of my control and it makes me useless. Must be productive! later, Kaye

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

from the last day at the shop to my vegetable garden....

A very bittersweet day at the shop as we closed her down. We had many visitors stopping by to wish us all well and one of our favorite customers - Saundra - came by and bought every last thread of fabric - we love Saundra. I thought she and Zephie needed their picture taken.

Our friend Carrie and her mother who was visiting from California stopped by with hugs.
(Carrie knit the sweater she is wearing)
With the help of many friends and my children, we have cleaned up the shop. The building has been sold and should close in a few weeks. How grateful am I that the buyers wanted the fixtures. I have kept very busy trying to figure out what to do first. Someday I will be able to sew.
Mary, Zephie and I did go on Shop Hop last Friday. We managed to make it to 8 shops - and a great time was had by all. It was fun to see it from a shoppers view, but only a few of them measured up to what we have done in the past!!! I do however, question Mary's driving. Like the bumper sticker reads - "I have brakes but I don't use them!"
Fathers Day was spent with my children and 2 lovely granddaughters. We got in a quick game of Scattergories while barbecuing - dinner was yummy! I even made a lemon creme pie!
Here is 3 month Lilly giving you a wave!

Katy, Rob, Lilly, Winter & Stacy.

If you have waited until this week - as I have - to find a few flowers for your planters, then you know what I mean when I say slim pickins! I wanted just a little bit of color by the front door and a bit on the patio. Zephie stopped by with a grape tomato plant on Tuesday, so I finished planting my garden that night - yes it was dark and I needed the flash! I hope it will grow with my last two flower plants in with it - proven winners - we'll see!
Today, I cleaned my carpets - UGH! Well at least I tried. Somethings just don't clean up like we want them too. Then I thought I would use the hand scrubbing tool to clean my car seats - what a mistake that was. They honestly look worse - its' time for seat covers in the old VW.
So as you can see - I really have kept busy - but I have got to settle down and get to work on the Gammill. After my hair cut tomorrow, I am going to find some lights that will be installed over the machine. Then the machine quilting will begin.
Good night for now - enjoy the summer evenings - Kaye

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Final 4

Its' hard to believe, but this coming Saturday, June 12th, will be the last business day for Red Rooster Q & T. This evening I have been sending out emails and posting this blog to let as many folks know that the Final 4 days Sale starts on Wednesday, June 9th - that's' tomorrow!!!! Every last thing in the shop is on sale - cheap cheap cheap! There is still some good stuff left and you need it more than I do. I hope to see as many of you as possible in the next 4 days. Here are a few of the bargains you will find: Fabric $3yard when you buy the remainder of the bolt, remaining books $7, patterns $2, notions 75% off, and more markdowns on the gift items and the store samples.

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - see you soon, Kaye

Friday, June 4, 2010


That seems to be my word for the day - uncertainty. I know it has different meaning for each of us, but for today it really seems to define alot of things going on right now. Time marches on and it seems to be marching across my face. Words similar to those were spoken somewhere by Dolly Parton and I always liked that phrase. But the combat boots are killing me!!!!!!!!
So while I was working on Quick books this afternoon, I had my itunes playing on the computer - the music seems to help my brain. But I have not enjoyed the Christmas tunes that I have been listening to since I don't know how to separate my play lists. I will have to find a friend who will give me another lesson. Don't you just love smart friends!

Came across a fun blog recently - - check it out. I also came across a website called This website is just a big list of a whole bunch of other blogs for quilters and crafters. Save it to your favorite list. I also liked

Well I should head home to feed Frank and be his support system while he sleeps on the couch. Eyes too tired for much of anything tonight. But I will be here all by myself tomorrow - Zephie has Quilting Coven - I love their name. (have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is playing now-yuk)
Enjoy the weekend - we are going to have good weather real soon! Uncertain but ever hopeful , Kaye

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

I thought I would share a little family history with you - if you have ever been through the Logan Utah cemetery , you may have come across the weeping woman. Her name was Julia and she was my great grandmother. She was born in 1859 and died and 1914 - only 55 years old. The story I had been told was that she lost 4 children in 1901- influenza ? - and was broken hearted.

I don't know who gave her the scarf and flower - many people come by to look at her - I talked to 3 different ladies on Mon. that were checking her out. Great grandmothers head stone.

Behind her monument is a grave where two of her daughters are buried together as they had died within a week of each other. The oldest was Emilia - she was born in 1895 and died in 1901. The younger one is Inez - born 1899 and died 1901. I don't know where the 2 boys are buried that died that same year. My grandmother, Margaret was older and didn't get as sick as the little ones.

This is a beautiful photograph that was done of Emilia and Inez just months before they died. This is hanging over my headboard and it really is wonderful. I am so fortunate to be the proud owner. Just think of how difficult those times were - I am so grateful to be living in a more modern world, but it too is filled with trials.
My father and 2 of my uncles served in WWII. My mothers younger brother, Lyle Hoffman, was killed in Germany. His wife Georgia was expecting there 1st baby when he went to war. He died without ever knowing his son, Lyle.
Georgia went on to marry again, had 3 more children. Her oldest daughter - who I had met in the shop - came up to me one day and asked if I was a Hoffman and I said yes - Her mom was Georgia - my uncles widow. How excited was I to finally be able to meet her. On the Saturday before Mothers Day, Georgia and her daughter - also named Georgia, and my Aunt Marj
who was married to uncle Lyle's brother, came for a cup of coffee and a great visit. Georgia and Marj are both in their 90's and doing so well. I was so excited to meet and talk with her - she was delightful. I hope someday I will be able to meet my cousin Lyle - it's never too late.
It is heart breaking to think of all the innocent lifes that are lost every day.
My mothers family has always done alot of grave decorating when I was young. We would get all dressed up and head to the cemetery and meet up with a lot of family members.
I was finally able to bury my brother this past week - it took me long enough but now it is done.
There are lots of thoughts and emotions around the shop these days as we wind down to our last final days. There is still a wee bit of fabric left and you need it much more than I do!!!
Good day for now, Kaye

Memorial Day 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

too little time

Hi my friends - I have stopped and tried to write on my blog for a couple weeks now - but I never seem to be able to get something smitten or else I start crying or just too many interruptions. So today, I decided to just say HI and let everyone know that things are starting to wind down around here. We do have a little bit of everything left - and it is all 50% OFF. There are still some ready made items that are 30% OFF. At this time, I plan on taking the quilting machine home and quiting for others. So let me know if you need my address and phone #.
As I work upstairs, I can hear Zephie downstairs telling someone about the sale and helping another customer. I have nothing but praise for her - she has been such a loyal and good employee and my friend. I have been wondering how I will start each morning without talking to her.
Do you ever feel like you have let people down - not kept up like you thought you could - and disappointed yourself as well as others in the process? I am wondering about all these things and feeling too old to change and do anything about them. Climbing into a hole seems to be the answer. Enough about me - but part of the reason I mention it is because I have had quite a few people ask me if I am going to continue to blog. Since most of what I blog about is whining - bitching and complaining - I wonder if it is worth it. Maybe now i will have some time to actually have something fun to share !! so - I guess for now I am asking you not to give up on me.

I did get to have a fun sleepover with my daughter and Lilly a week ago- so I had to post this pic of them. Winter was with 'whats his name' for the wekend. I am so serious when I tell you that Lilly is the best baby that I have ever seen!!!!!!! Must be the Neilson blood.

I am headed home to baby sit Winter tonight - I hope she wants ravioli for dinner!
I remain in pieces, Kaye